2013 Report

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2013 Report

Hope. Opportunity. Transformation.

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International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region
works tirelessly to secure sexual and reproductive health care as
a human right for all. This is the change IPPF/WHR and our
local partners inspired in 2013.

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We Care For The Whole Person

  • Access & Empowerment

    We provide people with complete information on sexuality and reproductive health, so they are empowered to make their own decisions and exercise their rights.

  • Healthy Minds
    & Bodies

    We believe all people are entitled to quality sexual and reproductive health care regardless of their age, income, gender, or sexual orientation.

  • Healthy Nations

    We hold governments accountable and advocate
    for policies that meet the
    real-life needs of
    local communities.

  • Healthy Relationships

    We give people the tools to build safe relationships based on respect and equality.

  • Healthy Homes

    We help people realize their full educational, social, and economic potential.

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Helping Women Plan Their Families

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"Profamilia took care of me. They explained all of
the different methods and helped me choose the one
that's right for me. And I wasn't treated differently
because I have no money and no papers. Knowing
that I can plan my own family helps me feel
more secure in my future."

- Margarita Bernard

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Bringing Care to
Rural Communities

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"I have no schedule. I attend to people at midnight, at dawn…when people need me, when they can come.
I want the best for my community, to give them
what they need. I ask God to give me more time on
Earth so I can keep helping people."

- Cleo Gallardo Rodríguez

Find out how community health
providers like Cleo remove barriers
to care in rural El Salvador.
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Busting Myths About Contraception

"IUDs give you cancer. The pill makes you fat.
If you have sex, you won't grow taller."

Discover how CIES empowers youth
and families with evidence-based, comprehensive sexuality education.
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Giving Women
A Choice

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"I always wanted to be a mother.
Now I have two beautiful boys."

- Martha Alanoca

Read the story of how Martha was able to conceive after receiving treatment at a new fertility clinic operated by CIES/Bolivia.
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Building Stronger Communities

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"What has worked in community is getting to know [young people] better. More than economic resources, this community needs human resources—people to come here and work with them, people that get close to the kids, people that don't get scared in the community. From September 2013 until today, no one has gotten pregnant
and that is a great achievement here."

- Mariana Anelle Cruz Sanchez, Youth Coordinator, MEXFAM

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Reaching People Where They Are

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"They said we couldn't talk to kids about condoms. But I said, 'We all have to live in the world, the good and the bad, and that means we can't only teach one side of things.' So I
began to bring information and condoms to teenagers in
[my church's] youth program."

- Michelle, beauty salon owner

Discover why a beauty salon
in Guyana is an excellent
place for sex education.
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An Historic Consensus in Montevideo

"In August, our advocacy team and Member Associations helped secure a major win when thirty-eight governments from Latin America and the Caribbean adopted the Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development. The Consensus, which will inform the global development policy for years to come, is the first United Nations agreement to include a definition of sexual rights, "which embrace the right to a safe and full sex life, as well as the right to take free, informed, voluntary and responsible decisions on their sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, without coercion, discrimination or violence."

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Saving Women's Lives

Latin America and the Caribbean is home to some of the strictest abortion laws in the world:

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Despite this grim reality, we saw progress in averting senseless deaths caused by unsafe abortions. Our Member Association in Uruguay, Iniciativas Sanitarias, has developed a pioneering model to prevent deaths related to unsafe abortion. This harm reduction model provides women at risk of unsafe abortion with accurate information and counseling.

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Creating A Better World

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Strengthening Economics

Women who are able to plan their families by spacing and/or limiting births are healthier and better able to direct their resources toward education, job training, and employment.

Economic Benefits of Family Planning

  • Ippf slide15 icon1 Increased productivity: each additional child born to women of reproductive age reduces the mother's involvement in the labor force by two years.
  • Ippf slide15 icon2 Better health and longer life expectancy, which leads to more productive time in the workforce and higher levels of savings.
  • Ippf slide15 icon3 Long-term benefits for women's families, including higher income and higher rates of college completion among their children.
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"We place reproductive health at the center of all that we do because know it yields more opportunities for women and families, and eases our overall pressure on the planet. Meeting women's desire to avoid or postpone pregnancies is inextricably linked to the health of the environment. Investing in reproductive health is transformational, and we are committed to matching our function to our form by investing in innovative green measures in our day-to-day operations."

- Carmen Barroso, Regional Director

How Your Money is Spent

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Thank You

In order to realize our shared vision of a world of choice and opportunity for all, we depend on individuals like you and countless others who donate to our cause and volunteer their time and skills.

Thank you for being a part of our network—and part of the movement.

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